Scan scheduler

Scan tasks can be scheduled to run on a specified day and at specified time, or daily, weekly or monthly using flexible rules.

Creating a scheduled scan task

The scheduler works with saved tasks. For information on how to create them, see:

A scan task can be scheduled in two ways:

  1. Move your cursor over a task in the Scanner's sidebar and click Schedule this task;
  2. Go to Options / Scan scheduler, click the Add task dropdown and choose your task from the list.

As a result of one of these actions, a scheduled scan task will be created.

Setting up a scheduled scan task

Clicking the [+] button to the left of the task name in Options / Scan scheduler reveals its settings. 

The Run section allows to set up the type of recurrence:

  • Once
    On a specified date.
  • Daily
    Every day at specific time, or once every N days.
  • Weekly
    On specific weekdays every Nth week.
  • Monthly
    On specific days of chosen months of the year.

The exact Time of scanning can be specified using the corresponding field.

For repeated tasks, the Starting date can also be specified. The task will not be executed before this date.

Run log

For a task to be executed at the scheduled date and time, TNI must be running, and the scanner must not be busy with other tasks.

Each scheduled scan task has a separate Run log (accessible from Options / Scan scheduler). Each time a task is run or skipped, TNI adds an appropriate descriptive entry to the corresponding log. A run log can be cleared or copied to clipboard.

Managing scheduled scan tasks

Toggling the switch to the right of a scheduled scan task in Options / Scan scheduler on or off enables or disables the task. You can temporarily disable the task to stop it from running on scheduled days and re-enable it at any time.

To unschedule a task, click the to the right of the scheduled scan in the Options window.

The saved task itself will not be deleted, only removed from the scheduler.

Another way to remove a scheduled scan task is to delete the corresponding scan task itself from the Scanner's Sidebar.


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