Custom fields

Custom fields are additional pieces of data that can be attached to individual assets in the Storage. Any custom field consists of a field name and its value. Values can contain arbitrary information of different type: text, numbers, prices or dates.

Managing custom fields

To manage custom fields, switch to the Edit mode (Ctrl + 6 for Standard and Ctrl + 7 for Professional licenseand select one of the two pages in the Custom fields category:

  • Common fields: fields created here will be shared by all the assets in the Storage (each asset has its own value);
  • Special fields: fields for the asset(s) selected in the Network tree.

To create a new field or a folder for fields, click Add.

If you hover the mouse cursor over any field or folder of fields, the button to delete the item appears on the right.

To rename a field or folder, double-click its name.

You can change the order of fields and folders, as well as move items between groups, by dragging them using the mouse. Folders can be nested infinitely, but are available for common fields only.

You can select several nodes in the Network tree to change the values of their common field(s) simultaneously. If multiple nodes are selected and their values for the same common field are different, a Different values label will appear in place of the value. To replace these values with the same value, click this label and set a new, common value. The same is applicable to Special fields if the field name is the same for the selected assets.

When you add a Price field in Custom fields, the currency will be selected automatically from a list (US dollar by default). To change to another currency or to be able to quickly cycle between the currencies, use the drop-down menu next to it and select Setup quicklist, or go to Options - General. If more than one currency is in your quicklist, TNI will pick the first in the list (by alphabet).

Custom fields in the reports

In Common reports, you can include all the custom fields in a report by selecting the Custom information category.

You can also add any individual common field as a table report column when creating a custom template.


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