Here you can see an overview of data collected from OS X assets.

The list is far from complete. If you are looking for particular information that you can't find here, please contact our tech support.


  • System
    • Computer parameters and chassis, memory slots.
    • Power supply settings.
  • CPU
    • Name, clock speed, number of cores, cache memory, etc.
  • System memory
    • Physical memory size.
    • RAM units: capacity, manufacturer, type, speed, etc.
  • Video system
    • Video adapters: name, video memory.
    • Monitors: name and manufacturer, size and image size, picture aspect ratio, video input, etc.
  • Storage details
    • Hard disk drives and removable media: model and manufacturer, interface, size, number of partitions, serial number.
    • CD drives: model.
    • Logical partitions: label, file system, size, free/used, mount point.
  • Network
    • Network adapters: name and manufacturer, MAC address, IP address/subnet/gateway, BSD device name, type.
  • Peripheral devices
    • Printers: name and manufacturer, driver, status, fax, URI, print-server, PostScript parameters, etc.
    • USB devices: name and manufacturer, version, speed.


  • Operating system
    • Version, architecture, update, kernel, run time.
  • Software
    • Version, install date, location, execution environment, properties.
  • Security
    • Firewall status.


  • Environment variables
  • Processes
    • Name, command line, process and parent process ID, user account.
  • User accounts
    • Name, full name, ID, home directory, shell.


Total Network Inventory

Network inventory management system for use in offices, companies, small and large corporate networks.