Table of contents
  1. 1. Equipment
  2. 2. Software
  3. 3. Other

Mac OS

Table of contents
  1. 1. Equipment
  2. 2. Software
  3. 3. Other

Here you can see an overview of data gathered from Mac OS assets.

The list is far from being complete. If you are concerned with the information that you do not see here, please contact our tech support.


  • System
    • Parameters of computer and chassis, memory slots;
    • Power supply settings.
  • CPU
    • Name, clock speed, number of cores, cache memory, etc.
  • System memory
    • Physical memory size.
    • RAM units: capacity, manufacturer, type, speed, etc..
  • Video system
    • Video adapters: name, video memory.
    • Monitors: name and manufacturer, size and image size, picture aspect ratio, video input, etc.
  • Storage details
    • Hard disk drives and removable media: model and manufacturer, interface, size, number of partitions, serial number.
    • CD drives: model.
    • Logical partitions: label, file system, size, free/used, mount point.
  • Network
    • Network adapters: name and manufacturer, MAC address, IP address/subnet/gateway, BSD device name, type.
  • Peripheral devices
    • Printers: name and manufacturer, driver, status, fax, URI, print-server, PostScript parameters, etc.
    • USB devices: name and manufacturer, version, speed.


  • Operating system
    • Version, architecture, update, kernel, run time.
  • Software
    • Version, install date, location, execution environment, properties.
  • Security
    • Firewall status.


  • Environment variables
  • Processes
    • Name, command line, process and parent process ID, user account.
  • User accounts
    • Name, full name, ID, home directory, shell.

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